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Personality packed brand photos 

for colourful entrepreneurs 

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Are you……

A colourful business owner wanting vibrant brand photos bursting with you & your business’ personality
I’ve got you!

A business owner who loves a bit of chat & banter and is quick to laugh and you want photos that attract your people? 
I’ve got you!

A business owner who doesn’t take life too seriously but does take their business seriously?
I’ve got you!

A business owner who is ready to be your brand and you want photos that show exactly who you are?
I’ve got you!

A business owner who wants to work with a photographer that truly gets you and it feels like working with a friend?

I’ve got you!

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Gerri's clearly very knowledgeable in her craft, but it's her brilliant people skills that really set her apart.

Joelle, Wee Blue Coo

Are you allergic to greige?

Me too!

Hey I’m Gerri and I’m allergic to all neutrals!!

Greige saps the energy right out of me!

As you can tell from my photos, I love nothing better than working with colourful, energetic business owners wanting brand photos totally in alignment with their personality rather than a set of brand photos that look like everyone else’s!

They want to embrace their authentic self and have bold, vibrant photos that reflect them and attract their tribe!


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Ways to work with


Be your own brand photographer


Would you like to nail your selfie first time every time?
No more wasting time trying to get a selfie you’re happy to share – you’ll know exactly what to do. Job done!

Let me be your brand



Are you a business owner who wants to:

  • Photos that you love and can’t wait to share
  • Photos that make you feel proud of your business
  • Photos that make you confident to be the face of your business
  • Photos that show the real you
    Photos that tell your story

If you said yes to any of the above then you definitely NEED updated brand photos!

Photo Strategy



Are you a business owner who needs clarity on the stories that need to be shared and the photos needed to do it?

Gerri helps pull out your personality and character which is exactly what I want potential clients to see. I can honestly say that I love every photo

Renee, Renee Turner Interiors 

Want to


Get set... go!

I know that investing in your brand photos is a huge decision and that’s why 
choosing the right photographer is a huge decision!

You want a photographer that gets you, is like you, and feels like a friend. 

By liking your photographer, you’ll feel comfortable & relaxed in their company resulting in amazing brand photos you’ll love. 

So let’s chat! See if I’m the photographer for you.  

Sound good?