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Whenever I speak to a prospective client about what story they are wanting to tell they always say “I don’t really have a story.”

But that’s not true. They just haven’t worked it out what their story will include yet.

Personal branding is not just all about telling your business story. Prospective clients do want to know who you are and how you work but they also want to know about you as a person.

So things to consider telling in your story are:-

What are your hobbies? Eg play tennis, keep fit

What do you do everyday? Eg photos of you walking your dog

Do you have kids? Do you want them included in your story? Eg doing homework with them? Baking with them?

Do you like socialising? Eg show you having coffee with friends
Do you like reading? Eg show yourself curled up on couch reading a book.

As you can see everyone has stories to tell and by telling yours your prospective clients will really feel like they know you even before they meet you, building trust with them.

And by building trust you will be the first name these clients will think of when they are looking for your services.

Whats not to like?

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