Want to stand out from the crowd and grow your business?

Then you need beautiful, professional looking photographs.

You know they are so important for your business but you are not sure how to go about doing them yourself?

Worry not. That’s what I am here for.

So let’s get started.

Use natural light.

If you only take one bit of advice from this today then let it be this one.

Natural light is the best, cheapest light you can find. A dark photo does nothing to show off your business and looks so unprofessional.

Turn yourself and your products to the window/light.

The difference is massive.

Take square photos to start with

Taking photos for social media on your phone? Then take square photos and you don’t need to edit them for different social media platforms.

Check the background

When you are taking your photographs, check your background! Clear all the clutter away. Only have in your photo what you want people to see. Give it a professional touch.

Use brand colours whenever you can

Show your brand colours in your photographs but be subtle. It can be the colour of your pen, your mug or the top you are wearing.

Think strategically for your lay flats

Do you want to use layflats in your business photos? Use items that you already have in your home or go to shops like B&M and pick up items that compliment your buiness.

But also place your business card somewhere on it so it is still branded but in a subtle way.

How do you want your products shown?

How do you want your products photographed? Are you wanting a natural, lifestyle way or in a studio sort of a way?

If lifestyle, start thinking what environment would your products would look natural. eg if you are a florist you could have your flowers on a hall table.

Or if you are wanting a studio look , use plain walls, wooden floors etc. Just keep it very streamline and clean.

I really hope these help. let me know how you get on. Good luck.







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