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Are you always the one taking the family photos? You donʼt exist in photos? Me too!

I am the youngest of 5 and as you can imagine there are not many photos of me as a child – I think my parents were in survival mode!

laughter makes my world go


And then with my own family it was always me taking photos of the kids. I didnʼt feel like getting in the photos anyway – I was tired, wanting to lose a few pounds and wasn’t feeling great about myself, so felt much happier behind the camera.

But this all changed when my daughter said to me last year, “Mum, if anything happens to you we have no photos of you. It would be as if you didnʼt exist!” That was the wake up call I needed. I took control and booked my own family shoot before my elder son Ed went off to university in the USA for a year.

Was I nervous before hand? Yes!

Did I have a great time with my family? Sure did!

Do I regret having the shoot? Not one bit.

I love my photos. I love looking at them everyday as it takes me back to that day on the beach. They make my heart sing and I know I will cherish them forever. I have the photos framed in the hall, TV room and behind my desk in my office and I’m just about to order a memory box for the rest.

I’m Gerri, mum of three, Glasgow resident and avid believer in fun,natural photography. If you would like to find out more then drop me a line and let’s see if we can raise a few smiles.

Gerri x

you truly captured a special moment in our family life

behind the SCENES

Do you love totake photos of your kids but you hate the way they turn out?

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