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Personal Brand Photography

Unleash the Power of Your Brand with Stunning Photography that Packs a Punch!

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What’s it all about?

Personal branding is all about the marketing of you!

You need to let your audience get to know you, decide whether they like you and if they trust you to deliver what they need!

So how do you do that?

By telling you & your business’ story!

And this is where personal brand photography comes in! 

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My Brand Photography services range from £149-£1795

Any of this sound


The photos (selfies/stock photos) you’ve been using don’t match where your business is at!

You don’t want your brand photos to look like everyone else’s!

You have brand photos that you don’t use because they don’t feel like you!

Your scared to invest in brand photography in case the photographer just doesn’t get you!

Does this sound


Working with a photographer who tailors the shoot to you & your brand

Having a bank of totally unique images providing quality & variety that can be used everywhere!

You felt so comfortable during your shoot that it felt like you were having a catch-up with a friend who just happened to have a camera!

Working with a photographer who finds out lots about you & your business  so you get the images that reflect you & attract your people!

Having a gallery of brand images totally in alignment with your business and your personality!

You enjoyed the whole experience with lots of laughs and chat along the way!

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How it




Am I the right photographer for you? Yes? Let’s get booked in!

Your Questionnaire
Your Questionnaire

This is where I find out all about you & your business and the photos you’re wanting


This is where we go through the above and make a shoot plan including the stories you’re wanting to share plus the outfits, props and locations you’ll need so we’re all organised on the day of your shoot with no faffing about.


Lots of hand holding and chat so you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

I also show you the back of my camera throughout your shoot so there are no nasty surprises when you receive your photos!


Photos you can’t wait to share! Job done!

All these awesome


You’ll now have a bank of beautiful images, providing quality and variety that can be used in several ways within your stories.

You’ll have a dynamic online presence making it easier to attract your ideal client.


You’ll be positioned as the best choice over your competitors

You’ll save time as you will be able to have a social media plan rather than panic posting.

These photos will not only strengthen your brand but help grow your business and increase sales.

You’ll look and feel confident and successful and be proud of your business

“My content is easy now and I no longer have to do the weekly panic of taking selfies!”


Listen to Pamela’s own words about her Personal Branding Shoot then read her story…

From a 

Happy Client

Some CLient


Loved my brand shoot – words I never thought I would say! Also, I would never have thought to ask you to come all the way up to Shetland, so am so glad you did!

Allison Christie


I love your energy. I just got the sense that you understood exactly the vibe we have across our businesses. Looking at the style of pictures you post online it was easy to see you were exactly the person we wanted.

Jo Simpson


As people who really value the human connection in building our business(es) having a shoot done is simply essential. It makes good sense. It might feel weird at first (plus it’s a big investment too) but it is worth it… the effort and the fees.

Annie Perrie


Have some


Why do I need photos?

Your photos let your audience get to know you. They help start conversations and build relationships and also build the whole know like and trust factor which is vital if they’re going to do any bsuiness with you.

Should I get my hair/makeup done?

If getting your hair and make up done is going to help you feel more confident then absolutely get booking!

You want to look and feel your absolute best in your photos and if getting your hair and makeup done is going to help with this – then definitely get booked.

If you’re happy doing your own hair and makeup then thats fine too!

You just want to look and feel like you!

What props do I need?

Props really add life and personality to your photos so you’ll definitely need a few but don’t worry – I go through all these with you during your pre shoot call. Nothing is left to chance 🙂

Do you help with locations/outfits?

I sure do!
We discuss both at your pre shoot call so you know exactly what you’re going to wear, how many changes of outfits, and what locations you want to go to.
Nothing is left to chance!

Do you help with posing?

I talk you through every tip and trick I have so that you’re always looking your best!
I also show you the back of my camera all the time so you see the photos I’m getting.
No surprises here! 🙂

How far do you travel?

Wherever you want me to go!
Seriously though I’m happy to travel anywhere – it may incur extra travel costs but we can chat about that!

How long does it take to get my images?

I get it! After an amazing shoot you’ll want to see your images as soon as possible! and thats why I send you a wee look see 24 hours after your shoot and then you’ll have your gallery 7 days from then.

What if my workspace is not insta friendly?

Not really sure anyone’s workspace is insta friendly!!

But seriously don’t worry about it.
All we need is for you to have a square up and good natural light!