Photo Strategy Call

Let me help you find the story you want to share & the photos you’ll need to do so

Any of this sound


Are you a business owner that has no idea how to share your story with your audience?

You have no idea what your story is

You think you’re boring and not interesting!

And no-one’s interested anyway!

I’m here to tell you that no you’re not boring, yes you do have stories to share and yes your audience is interested. Why? it helps them get to know you better, building that all important know like & trust factor.

I can


My Photo Strategy Call will unlock the stories you have to share and roadmap the photos you’ll need to do that. 

Who is it for?

New business owners who haven’t really got a grasp on the stories they want to shar

Business owners who know they should share more about themselves but dont know how

Business owners who think their lives are too boring and have nothing to share

Business owners who need a bit of clarity about their story and the photos they’ll need to do it

How it


I share a questionnaire before our zoom call where I find out all about you and your business.

We then go through this together firstly finding your stories ( I promise we all have them!) and then we roadmap the photos you need and props to use.

All you need to do then is take your own photos or find a photographer to take them for you ?

Helping you stop wasting your time and Money on the wrong photos..

I did try and start planning and after speaking to Gerri I realised I would have got it completely wrong and wasted a lot of time and money telling the wrong story!!



Your Photo Brand

Strategy Call


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How does this work?

We have a zoom call where we discuss the stories you want to share with your audience and the photos you need to do so.

How long is the call?

The zoom call will last 45 minutes.

Anything else included?

I’ll send you bullet points of what we discussed and what you need to start.

How do I prepare for the call?

I’ll send you a questionnaire before your call where I get you to tell me all about you, your business and your ideal clients.

Is the call recorded?

The zoom call is recorded and I’ll send to you straight after.

Who needs this?

Any business owner who’s feeling slightly confused about the photos you need or the best way to use the photos you already have.