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Allison Christie

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Why did you book your

brand shoot?

I have had a brand shoot before, and have followed Gerri for a while, so had a fair idea of what was involved. My current photos were 8 years old - so really out of date and I was fed up of them, ha!

How have the images helped

your business?

I really love them. I've had great feedback on them too. And my new website looks and feels so much better and brighter with them.
It's made a difference to how I feel about my whole business, I no longer feel that I'm trying to pass myself off as eight years younger than I am, haha! I feel a bit more 'this is me', and happy to own that!

What are the benefits of having

brand photos?

Why would you

recommend me?

Gerri is such a lovely, warm, easy-going person - you feel like you're just catching up with your bestie! Brand photos aren't something I think anyone really enjoys all that much, but I just had such fun and loved that there was no awkwardness, no cringey poses, no embarrassment, just the perfect mix of professional, friendly, fun, trust and understanding.



Loved my brand shoot - words I never thought I would say! Also, I would never have thought to ask you to come all the way up to Shetland, so am soooo glad you did!