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Annie Perrie

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Why did you book your

brand shoot?

Seeing your work online. Listening to the passion in your voice as you talk about what you do and what you would do to help us. Knowledgable and clearly talented. Your no-nonsense, up front honesty and banter put us at ease!

How have the images helped

your business?

We have put them to use straight away. Reach on our socials and subsequent business enquiries have shot up. We updated our website just the other day and fell sooooo good about sharing it now. No stock photos. It's us!!
As people who really value the human connection in building our business(es) having a shoot done is a simple essential. It makes good sense. It might feel weird at first (plus it's a big investment too) but it is worth it...the effort and the fees. We are excited to share them with our followers and are feeling motivated and spurred on to build our businesses futher.

What are the benefits of having

brand photos?

Why would you

recommend me?

We had a great time! It was a brilliant experience throughout...even despite the chaos of having the kids involved. They even had a good laugh too as can be seen from the photos.



Already recommended you - without hesitation. You can put your entire trust in you to take the time to really understand your business, your story, and your plans…. and to treat your shoot as if it were your number one priority.