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Joelle Kirkpatrick

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Why did you book your

brand shoot?

Quite honestly, I hadn't realised the importance of using them as a story telling tool until I started following you on Instagram. Before that I'd thought brand photography was just photos/headshots of the owner of a business because that's all l'd seen with other peoples shoots. I liked you personally and it was obvious you knew what you were talking about.

How have the images helped

your business?

It's personally made me feel more confident in showing up on our social media pages, something I wasn't keen on at all before. It's so great to be able to slot the photos into a newsletter or on social media and know they'll be on brand. They really helped recently when setting up our Not On The High Street store too
I think it communicates to potential buyers that by investing in great photos of our business, that we value quality and that (despite our fun and colourful products), we're serious about what we do. It helps bring them in and lets them understand more about who we are and who they're buying from.

What are the benefits of having

brand photos?

Why would you

recommend me?

Do it! You definitely won't regret it. Gerri is super lovely and knowledgable, you'll be well looked after and will come away with interesting, on-brand photos for your business that you love to use.



I felt in safe hands and was guided really well throughout the planning process. You really understood what we were trying to create and captured that beautifully.