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The Definitive Guide to Strengthening your Brand Online 

People buy from people – we’ve all heard that saying haven’t we but what does it really mean?

In a busy market place people want to see and get to know the person they are going to buy from. They want to see pictures of them on their website and in their brand, so that they feel like they know them and feel connected to them before they spend money with their business. They don’t want to connect with a logo or a picture that’s 12 years old; they want you to show them who you are.

They need to see you; they need to see photos of you.

Now, I’ve worked with enough female entrepreneurs to know how that probably makes you feel.

  • You don’t want to be seen.
  • You hate having your photo taken.
  • You want to lose weight/get your hair done/buy a new wardrobe before you’d even think about it.
  • The thought of it makes you feel a bit sick.
  • You’re worried about the cost.

I know that the thought of having photo taken might be something that makes you really uncomfortable but, it will have a huge impact on your business.

Having your own brand photography can be a brilliant way to tell the story of your business. It can answer questions customers may have about who you are and what you have to sell that they might need. It helps people see the person behind the business and allows them to get to know, like and trust you and your business, which makes deciding to buy from you that much easier, which helps you increase sales and grows your business.

All from using images of you in your business!

Then, once you have your brand images, they make marketing your business so much easier.

  • You become the face of your business and people begin to recognise your brand.
  • You can use the images in the content you create for your website or your social media.
  • They help you be consistent in your message.
  • It helps you step out of the shadows and stop hiding.

I want to show you the importance of personal branding and how it can help your business and to get you started I have The Definitive Guide to Strengthening your Brand Online that you can download now for free.

In the guide, I will talk you through some do’s and don’ts to think about when planning your social media so that your brand has the maximum impact on your potential clients.

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