Top 5 Photos you need to grow your business

Jan 7, 2020 | Personal Brand

Jan 7, 2020 | Personal Brand

You have a split second to make a first impression.

A split second to stop the scroll.

A split second to stand out from your competitors.

And what’s the best way to do that?

With beautiful photographs full of personality that tell your story to your potential clients.

Photographs that let your audience feel like they know you. Like you. Trust you.

And without the know/like/trust factor, nobody will do business with you.

After all, people buy from people.

So what are these 5 photographs?

Photograph 1 – A headshot

You are your business. You are your brand.

Your audience want to see who you are, who they would be dealing with, who they would be doing business with.

Whatever you do, don’t use one from your night out on Saturday or a selfie where the lighting is so bad you can’t actually see you.

It doesn’t need to be a professional photograph BUT it does need to LOOK professional.

It needs to be well lit (make sure you are facing the light!) and you need to look friendly and approachable.

Look like the best version of you.

Put a bit of lippy on and don’t forget to brush your hair.

Photograph 2 – what you do

What is the quickest way to show your audience what you do?


A picture is worth 1000 words.

So rather than explain what you do have photos that show what you do.

It’s so easy and so invaluable.

Photograph 3 – where you do it

Your audience want to know everything about you.

They want to feel comfortable doing business with you.

So have photos of where you work – your studio, your shop, your workspace, your desk, your kitchen table.

Work outside? Take photos of that.

Just show where you work.

Photograph 4 – how you do it

What do you use to do your job?

Do you have special equipment?

Do you use special lighting? Favourite/unique ways to do things?

Take photos that show your audience exactly how you do things.

These are called BEHIND THE SCENES photos and are great in building trust with your audience and starting conversations.

With these they can see you are serious about what you do and will feel like they can trust that what they want, you can give them.

Photograph 5 – show a little about your hobbies/what you do in your spare time

Love to play tennis? Cook with your kids? Walk the dogs? Have coffee with friends?

Then show these photos too. The more your audience can relate to you the better.

And the more they start conversations the better too.

Remember your photos have got to show the real you.

Don’t pretend you are something that you are not.

The more authentic you are the more your audience will relate to you.

The more they relate to you the more engagement you will get with them.

Remember social media is all about being sociable!

Good luck




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